Wisconsin Rheumatology Association.

Meeting Details

WRA 2020 April Dinner Program

April 23, 2020
event begins at 6:30 p.m.
Italian Workman’s Club of Madison
914 Regent Street
Madison, WI

Dear Colleagues,

The WRA plans to host a free-of-charge CME lecture, in Madison presented by Mark Ratner, MD, an expert in the neuroscience of cannabinoids. Dr. Ratner gave a talk at the United Rheumatology fall meeting, and I can vouch for his excellence. This lecture will be the 2nd CME event, open to all physicians who are interested in this topic, recently made especially poignant by the legalization of marijuana in Illinois. The WRA has embarked upon a program to sponsor CME events on current important topics of all types in Medicine. Our target audience is doctors who are passionate about learning everything they can about life science, who have brought their active intellects into the 21st century, and who are fascinated by the genius of Mother Nature’s designs. In short, they are the intellectually curious "fast adapters", always open to new ideas. This description fits all of you, to whom the WRA is proud to extend this special invitation.

The WRA offers this experience to like-minded colleagues, Rheumatologists and non-Rheumatologists alike, especially, but not limited to, those in academia. Dr. Ratner's talk will cover the basic science of cannabinoid receptors, the differences between hemp and marijuana, and a variety of other important aspects of these compounds. This event will take place at the historic Italian Workman’s Club of Madison, 914 Regent Street, on Thursday, April 23 at 6:30 p.m., with dinner catered by the excellent and vastly experienced chef, Sami Fgaier. Those of you who attended our first CME event last August will recall that the dinner was as outstanding as the scientific discussion.

We have purposely made this a CME event so that those of you at the academic centers can attend without fear of violating the compliance policies at your institution. This event is funded in full by the WRA and it is free of industry presence, so you will not need to sign anything that you accepted a meal. The whole purpose is education, and I think you all will find this lecture absolutely riveting. This is an educational opportunity you do not want to miss. Spouses or significant others are welcome! Details on the menu choices are forthcoming.

In order for WRA to plan logistics, I need an idea of how many of you would be interested in attending, so I respectfully ask that you send me an email to let me know if you will or will not attend, and if you plan to bring a spouse or significant other. I ask that you RSVP either yay or nay, but please reply. I hope you all can come to this interesting program on a timely topic.