Wisconsin Rheumatology Association.


CSRO: Wisconsin Step-Therapy Engagement

AB 24 and SB 26, bills that reform step-therapy protocols, were recently introduced in the Wisconsin state legislature. Importantly, the legislation allows physicians to override step-therapy protocols under certain conditions.

Given the importance of this legislation for our patients and profession, I would personally ask that you take the time to convey your support to your representatives in the state legislature. Wisconsin lawmakers need to hear from our members about how urgent and crucial AB 24 and SB 26 are for the practice of rheumatology in Wisconsin.

WRA has worked with the Coalition of State Rheumatology Organizations (CSRO) to streamline this process for you. Conveying your support is easy and takes just a few short minutes in the CSRO Action Center, located by following the Take Action button below. The CSRO engagement tool allows you to send communications to your legislators without having to track down contact information. Advocates must simply fill in information about where they reside, and send the provided message to their legislator. CSRO highly encourage personalized messages, and you may edit the available message.

Please note that personal information that they collect is only used to determine the appropriate recipient.

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