Wisconsin Rheumatology Association.

About Us

The Wisconsin Rheumatology Association was established in 2005 as a 501c-6 not-for-profit Wisconsin corporation. In 2007, the WRA was transformed into a 501c-3 not-for-profit corporation. With this status, the WRA can raise funds to carry out our mission of advancing the practice of rheumatology through programs of education, research, advocacy and practice support.

Membership in the WRA is open to all rheumatologists practicing in the state of Wisconsin, as well as other health professionals with a strong interest in rheumatology. The WRA holds an annual business and educational meeting, as well as several educational meetings throughout the year and offers CME for many of those. We also plan to develop web-based educational activities in the future. Be sure to check the announcements page for upcoming events and meetings.

Since the majority of Wisconsin rheumatologists practice in the Milwaukee or Madison regions, our current membership is reflective of that geographic distribution. We hope to entice a significant majority of all rheumatologists to join from all areas of Wisconsin. This website has been developed to provide our members with a tool that will allow them to quickly and conveniently participate in the WRA, regardless of geographic location and time constraints.

We welcome and encourage all members to participate as much as possible. As a young organization, the Wisconsin Rheumatology Association is actively recruiting involvement as members and officers. Any member interested in serving as an officer is invited to contact any of the current officers.